Get a Sneak Peek of Will Ferrell on "The Office"

Get a Sneak Peek of Will Ferrell on "The Office"

Get a Sneak Peek of Will Ferrell on "The Office"

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April 8 2011 4:30 PM

Get a Sneak Peek of Will Ferrell on "The Office"

Next Thursday, Will Ferrell begins his four-episode arc on The Office as DeAngelo Vickers, the manager who comes in to replace SteveCarell's departing Michael Scott. (In the last episode ,Michael proposed to his girlfriend Holly it made me cry! and announced to hisstaff that he's moving with her to Colorado.)

Today, NBC is teasing Ferrell's debut with two clips. In thefirst one, Vickers gets introduced to the staff; in the second, Kelly tries towork some of her not-so- subtlesexuality on the new boss:



(If you can't see the above videos, click here and here .) 

The latter makes me hopeful that at some point we'll betreated to a smooth D'Angelocover by DeAngelo.

Back in January, I worriedthat Ferrell might pull too much focus from Carell's big exit something thatFerrell, too, was concerned about. (He told the New York Times ' Dave Itzkoff, "Theymade it so I'm not as heavily featured in Steve's last show....It really shouldbe about him and his character.") But now that the Ferrell hype is building, I'mactually getting excited to watch the next few episodes. That probably wouldn'thave been the case otherwise, as I've more or less abandoned the show which I onceadored this season (perhaps proving thehypothesis that six great seasons is about the most a sitcom can hope for).So maybe Ferrell has indeed come to praise Carell, and not to bury him.

Will you be watching the end of The Office season? And what do you hope to see?

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