Watch Katy Perry's Eye-Popping Video for "E.T."
Watch Katy Perry's Eye-Popping Video for "E.T."
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March 31 2011 12:57 PM

Watch Katy Perry's Eye-Popping Video for "E.T."

A month after Lady Gaga went all sci-fi for her "Born This Way" clip , Katy Perry makes a similar trip to outer space for her latest video, "E.T.," which was just released a few hours ahead of schedule . The eye-popping video is directed by Floria Sigismondi , who directed The Runaways . Perry plays a lissome alien who roils around in space, downloading images from Earth (I think), before touching down on a barren wasteland and meeting a charming little robot. Luckily for the besotted space-girl, the robot turns into a handsome man who, presumably, has all the right equipment to match hers ( because, as Star Trek taught us, it's completely plausible that beings from different planets would be able to mate with one another). But in case they're confused, Kanye West is on hand to offer guidance on how "alien sex" works: "I'm gonna disrobe you, then I'mma probe you."



We will agree with Vulture's Willa Paskin here: The implicit correlation between "albino African American man" and "alien" seems poorly thought out, at best.

Regarding Katy's makeup, beginning around 3:00: That's a Trill reference , right? Right?

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