Let's Rename Operation "Odyssey Dawn"

Let's Rename Operation "Odyssey Dawn"

Let's Rename Operation "Odyssey Dawn"

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March 28 2011 1:35 PM

Let's Rename Operation "Odyssey Dawn"

The current military operation in Libyahas been dubbed Odyssey Dawn anickname that's been roundlymocked by the chattering class. Last week, we looked at theconventions AFRICOM had to follow when coming up with the moniker, thenasked our readers if it was possible to devise a handle that sounded well, lesslike a prog rock album or a porn star stage name.

Judging by theratio of serious to silly entries we received, it seems that finding arespectable-sounding, inspiring but relatively neutral option that falls withinthe narrow alphabetic range AFRICOM is allotted (namely, first words that beginwith JS-JZ, NS-NZ, or OA-OF) is harder than it sounds. Our favorite, mostplausible suggestion, from commenter STEPHEN DORFMAN:


Operation Just Remedy

Most commentersand Twitterers took the assignment somewhat less seriously. Here are somenicknames that would never fly, but we liked anyway:

OperationObladi Obalada (bendwert)

Operation Nuggets Win! (bendwert)

OperationObvious Porridge (Ian Boudreau)

OperationObscure Goals (Madison Tracer)

OperationJustifiable Justification  (JuliePlatt)

OperationJunior Senator (Ikeonic)

You can read more options in the commentthread on the originalpost , or by checking out the #RenameOdysseyDawn Twitter hashtag.

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Nina Shen Rastogi is a writer and editor, and is also the vice president for content at Figment.