Slate Readers Nominate More Awful Oscar Winners

Slate Readers Nominate More Awful Oscar Winners

Slate Readers Nominate More Awful Oscar Winners

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Feb. 25 2011 6:22 PM

Slate Readers Nominate More Awful Oscar Winners

Earlier thisweek, we celebrated our favorite part of the Oscars arguing about the Academy'scrap choices the morning after by sharing a list of performances Slate contributors thought were theworst to ever win a statuette.

Each of ourchoices had fervent supporters and detractors (and we were called a bunch of joylesscrankypants for even having the conversation in the first place). RobertoBenigni's turn in Life is Beautiful stirredup particularly passionate debate which, when you think about it, is one way ofdefining a worthy performance.


Readers had afew more nominations for our Oscars Hall of Shame (answers have been slightly edited):

Am I the only person who fully expectedthat list to include Julia Roberts' performance in Erin Brockovich ? ... Apparently having stringy hair, a bad dye job,and a low-cut shirt really did the trick for the Academy voters that year.

I think we need to give a specialmention to Ingrid Bergman here for (1) winning the 1975 supporting actressaward (her third) for a terrible performance in a negligible movie Murder on the Orient Express but alsofor (2) being gracious enough in her acceptance speech to acknowledge what waspatently obvious: That the award should have gone to Valentina Cortese for herperformance in Day for Night .


Vivien Leigh in A Streetcar Named Desire . Tell me you don't laugh when you hear"I have always depended on the kindness of strangers" in the world'sworst Southern accent.

Going back a bit more: Luise Rainermust win the overall prize. She won two Oscars for one mediocre and oneembarrassing performance Ziegfeld and The Good Earth .  

Greer Garson in Mrs. Miniver totallyuplifting and dreadful (compare with her wonderful perfomance in Random Harvest ).

Bill :
Denzel Washington in Training Day worst performance ever by the most overrated actorever.

Meanwhile, here are somemore options for awful performances , courtesy of the film and entertainmentblogger Edward Copeland.
Will theAcademy disappoint once again this Sunday? We'll see you back here on Monday todiscuss and, hopefully, to argue.

Correction, Feb. 27: This post originally included a reader nomination for Melanie Griffith's performance in Working Girl ; Griffith was nominated for an Oscar that film, but did not win. Also, Vivien Leigh's first name was misspelled.


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