More College Courses on HBO's The Wire
More College Courses on HBO's The Wire
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March 31 2010 10:41 AM

More College Courses on HBO's The Wire

Last week, Drake Bennett wrote in   Slate   about college courses on The Wire . Drake's article focused on the courses offered at Harvard, Duke, Middlebury, and U.C. Berkeley. Since the article was posted last Wednesday, he's heard from a handful of professors at other schools who also teach  The Wire . Drake writes:

I've heard from three more academics who have taught the show: Boyd Blundell at Loyola University New Orleans, Todd Sodano, who taught a class at Syracuse in the spring of 2008, and David Brody at Washington State University Spokane. Interestingly, these classes expand the range of academic disciplines in which the show has been studied: Blundell's is an ethics class, Sodano's a communication course, and Brody's a criminal justice class. 
John Swansburg John Swansburg

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All three professors were kind enough to send along their syllabi:


to read Blundell's syllabus.


to read Brody's syllabus.


to read Sodano's syllabus.

I'm still waiting for a sociolinguistics course on the series. First assignment:

. Teaching a course on

The Wire

? Currently enrolled in one? Post your thoughts, syllabi, and problem sets in the comments.