The NYT as GOP Turn-On
The NYT as GOP Turn-On
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March 30 2010 2:00 PM

The NYT as GOP Turn-On

This is a guest post from Slate 's Timothy Noah.

A staffer for the Republican National Committee named Allison Meyers was fired after the Daily Caller (Tucker Carlson's Web site) reported that the RNC approved a $1,946.25 reimbursement to a direct-mail consultant named Erik Brown for a visit by young GOP donors to an S&M club in Los Angeles. The club is called Voyeur. "We cater to a high-end, A-list clientele with live art installations with a voyeuristic theme," Sarah Waldman, the club's director of special events, explained to the New York Times .

The Times was playing catch-up to the Daily Caller , but its reporter failed to mention that in a way it got there first. I quote from Voyeur's Web site:


Upon arrival, guests will immediately feel as if they've entered an underground sanctuary, with a noir backdrop and an understated atmosphere. Once through the exposed brick entrance hallway they will encounter massive metal sphere chandeliers with spiked lighting, black leather drapery with brass rings, green leather chesterfield sofas and reupholstered antique chairs with brass and bronze accents. Lining the inner walls are 1920's glass casement windows from the old New York Times building on West 43rd Street , photography filmstrips from an erotic photo shoot are exposed as wallpaper in one room, while an old-fashioned photo booth allows uninhibited guests to create their own stills. [Italics mine.]

To those who say newspapers have no future, I submit the foregoing as evidence that the New York Times offers an enduring erotic appeal to the GOP. If you're a Republican, apparently, you crave that which is most forbidden: sharp spikes, black leather, simulated girl-on-girl cunnilingus , and glass panes that may once have been touched by Flora Lewis . What a naughty, naughty bunch!

Juliet Lapidos is a staff editor at the New York Times.

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