Project Runway, Week 10: Tim Gunn and the Seven Dwarfs

Project Runway, Week 10: Tim Gunn and the Seven Dwarfs

Project Runway, Week 10: Tim Gunn and the Seven Dwarfs

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Oct. 23 2009 10:55 AM

Project Runway, Week 10: Tim Gunn and the Seven Dwarfs

For the "Michael Kors challenge"—so named because the assignment was handed out in Kors' Rodeo Drive boutique—the designers had to choose one of seven possible locations and design a look that "embodies who you are as a designer and also embraces that locale."

June Thomas June Thomas

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Irina won for an outfit fit for an Aspen ski lodge— brown jersey pants; a knit top with three-quarter sleeves, a huge cowl neck, and an open back; and a faux-fur vest . Nicolas was eliminated for a wrapped white shirt and tight gray pants that evoked nothing whatsoever of Greece.


Number of times Tim Gunn said, "Make it work!": Zero. That phrase is, like, so Bravo!

Number of crying contestants: Christopher is perpetually on the verge of tears, but guest judge Milla Jovovich came closest—she broke down at the very thought of sending someone home.

Logan sex object watch: This week, there were way too many design disasters to waste screen time on a silly subplot.

The Contestants
The judges didn't see Santa Fe in Christopher's ensemble, but they also failed to spot the subconscious inspiration for the white shirt, blue top, and beige skirt that he produced: Snow White . Meanwhile, the contestants turned into the seven dwarfs: Bitchy , Peroxidey , Greasy , Raccoony , Sexy , Self-Deprecating , and Lost .


The Judges
Hallelujah! For the first time since Week 2, the dream team of Klum, Kors, and Garcia reassembled. In the guest spot, actress and designer Milla Jovovich was constructive and informed.

The designers must be physically and creatively exhausted, because many of them sent very basic, uninspired clothes down the runway. And the judges certainly noticed. Nina asked Nicolas, "Why would I want to go into a store and spend my money on this?" Faced with Logan's bland white jeans, tank top, and vest ensemble , Michael Kors declared, "They're clothes. They're not fashion." The same outfit drove Jovovich to declare, "Listen, if this was called Project I Didn't Mind It , he would win."

The Results
Garment of the week: Carol Hannah's Palm Beach look was striking , though I liked that dress even better the first 10 times Uli made it on Season 3 .

Should Irina have won? Eh. Her symphony in camel was a very literal interpretation of Aspen luxe, but she produced three well-fitted and impeccably finished location-inspired pieces, which is at least two more than the other contestants managed.

Should Nicolas have been eliminated?
For sure. He completely ignored the assignment. Michael Kors was right when he told him, "You got the wrong Greece. [This was] Grease the movie."

Bold prediction for who'll be auf'd next: Christopher. Even with this season's wackadoodle judging, a string of four consecutive bottom-three finishes has got to be considered foreshadowing.

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