Project Runway, Week 6: The Ice Queen Winneth

Project Runway, Week 6: The Ice Queen Winneth

Project Runway, Week 6: The Ice Queen Winneth

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Sept. 25 2009 11:16 AM

Project Runway, Week 6: The Ice Queen Winneth

A Hollywood challenge! The contestants were asked to create a look inspired by a movie genre—action/adventure, film noir, period piece, Western, or science fiction.


In Nicolas' elaborate back story, his ice queen failed to gain control of the universe, but the white lace ensemble he designed for her managed to win over the judges. Ra'mon made a dress for Lola who "left her home planet, where all of her people are reptiles, and has come to Earth to ... quench her insatiable desire for men." The concept was sexier than the dress, and he was sent home.

Number of times Tim Gunn said, "Make it work!": Zero. Has he finally shed his tired old catchphrase?

Number of crying contestants:
One. Louise seemed sadder to survive elimination than Ra'mon was to say goodbye.

Did Logan keep his shirt on? Yes, but that didn't stop Carol Hannah from mooning after him. The man has the power to bewitch models, judges , and fellow contestants.


The Contestants
Unsolved mystery of the week: Who is the bobbin thief?

Least convincing concept: Gordana claimed that her flapper dress was intended for a woman who "discovers oil, and this is the first time she's coming out in society." I think I saw that movie: There Will Be Fringe.

The Judges

Keeping track of this season's judging is like monitoring a kidnapping. It has been five weeks since the last Michael Kors sighting and three weeks without Nina Garcia. Their seats were warmed by designer John Varvatos and Marie Claire editor Zoe Glassner, who has worn out her welcome; the guest judge was costume designer Arianne Phillips . The critiques are a lot less fun without Kors and Garcia, but with such a conceptual assignment, consistency was less important this week.

The Results
Garment of the week:
How to compare a slutty saloon girl to a pleather-clad action heroine ? This challenge brought out the ugly.

Should Nicolas have won?
Just as a stopped clock is right twice a day, a cheap-looking lace garment will eventually win a challenge. Nicolas deserves credit for creating a fully fleshed-out mythology.

Should Ra'mon have been eliminated?
Yes. He pulled off an amazing last-minute save in Week 3 , but his lizard-people creation was beyond redemption.

Bold prediction for who'll be auf'd next: Gordana. The judges have pigeonholed her as a dressmaker rather than a designer.

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