Getting High Inadvertently Is More Fun
Getting High Inadvertently Is More Fun
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Aug. 27 2009 4:41 PM

Getting High Inadvertently Is More Fun

Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock —about Elliot Teichberg, a young interior designer who saves Woodstock, and his parents' motel, by convincing festival producers to hold the concert on his neighbor's farm—comes out tomorrow. If the theatrical trailer is to be trusted, the film's pleasures include a good cast (Leiv Schreiber, Eugene Levy, Emile Hirsch), bad '70s-era wigs, and a scene depicting Tiber's parents dancing around like morons in the rain after accidentally eating some pot brownies.


Ang Lee is not the first director to suggest that characters who get high unwittingly have more fun than those who do so on purpose. In Never Been Kissed , some new Rasta friends feed Drew Barrymore weed brownies at a club, which, in turn, inspires her to jump up on stage and perform an acrobatic boa and booty-slapping dance in front of her classmates. In Dick , Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams bring Richard Nixon pot cookies, which make him feel so jolly he signs the Nixon-Brezhnev accord. More recently, in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen , Shia LaBeouf's mom buys a baked good from a bake sale on her son's first day of college, then starts eagerly chatting up co-eds about her son's sex life.

We're sure that these aren't the only instances of unintentional marijuana consumption leading to outlandish—even by stoner standards—behavior. What are cinema's other classic scenes of inadvertent weed consumption? Send along examples to . Extra credit if you can find a clip on YouTube.

Julia Felsenthal is an assistant at Slate.