Beyond Life Hacks: Big ideas for the future of work and life—a Better Life Lab event.

Join Us for a Better Life Lab Event on Big Ideas for the Future of Work and Life

Join Us for a Better Life Lab Event on Big Ideas for the Future of Work and Life

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Better Life Lab
The Future of Work, Gender, and Social Policy
Sept. 21 2017 5:26 PM

Join Us in NYC for Beyond Life Hacks: Big Ideas for the Future of Work and Life


Lisa Larson-Walker

Tired of the same old advice about “unplugging” and “making time for bubble baths” when seeking solutions for the all too frequent times work and personal priorities crash into each other? It’s time to move beyond the usual recommendations for work-life balance and highlight the big changes it will take to end overwork for good.

On Oct. 5, Slate and New America's Better Life Lab are hosting a happy hour conversation where we will tackle the big picture questions. How can we transform the way the workday is organized? What should “self-care” really look like? What’s the best way to overhaul racial and gender dynamics in American workplaces? The sooner we realize the answers will not come from pithy “life hacks,” the better.


Join Slate and New America's Better Life Lab for drinks and a thought-provoking discussion of these challenges and to celebrate the launch of the Better Life Lab channel’s new home at Slate. In a lightning round panel, leading thinkers will share one big, bold idea for shattering assumptions about how to live a good life, followed by questions and conversation about what individuals, organizations, and policymakers can do to turn ideas into action.

Join the Better Life Lab on Oct. 5 in New York City from 5:30–7 p.m. at the Interface, 140 W 30th St. RSVP at the New America website.

Participants include:

Brigid Schulte @BrigidSchulte
Director, Better Life Lab, New America
Author, Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has Time


Pronita Gupta
Director, Job Quality, Center for Law and Social Policy
Former Deputy Director, Women’s Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor

Katherine Goldstein @KGeee
Contributing Editor, Better Life Lab at Slate

Better Life Lab is a partnership between Slate and New America.

Better Life Lab is a partnership of Slate and New America.