SciShow Quiz Show: In which I take on Hank Green.

Hank Green Meets His Scientific Match

Hank Green Meets His Scientific Match

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Nov. 3 2015 11:30 AM

SciShow Quiz Show: Sperm, Whales, and Sperm Whales

Phil Plait and Hank Green
Scientific pair of dorks.

Photo by Phil Plait

One of the perks of traveling up to Montana to record Crash Course Astronomy is that I get to participate with other fun stuff concocted by Hank Green’s folks up there. One of the best is SciShow Quiz Show, a semi-(well, maybe 25 percent)serious head-to-head battle between two people over a bunch of weird science questions.

Last time I was up they matched me up with Mr. Hank Green himself, and we were quizzed on a variety of topics loosely themed around, um, reproduction. Don’t worry, it’s pretty much safe for work, as safe as having my bald head on your screen can be.


I don’t want to spoil how I did, but I’m now 2 and 0.