SciShow Quiz Show: Hank Green and me.

Science Dorks Battle It Out on SciShow Quiz Show

Science Dorks Battle It Out on SciShow Quiz Show

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March 1 2015 7:30 AM

Me vs. Hank Green: SciShow Quiz Show

SciShow Quiz Show
Hank Green, Michael Aranda, and two-thirds of my head.

Photo by Phil Plait

Part of the vast Hank and John Green video empire includes SciShow, a YouTube channel that has a variety of different science shows on it, like SciShow Dose (quick videos on interesting topics), News, Infusion (longer videos, like the vaccine one I posted about recently), and many more.

They also have Quiz Show, where two sciencey-type people go head to head in a snarky contest to see who knows more science, but which in reality just shows who can guess the answer better than the other.


When I was up at the HQ last time filming some episodes of Crash Course Astronomy they asked if I wanted to be on Quiz Show, and never one to give up an opportunity to make a fool of myself on camera, I said sure. So they pitted me against the man himself, Hank, in a battle of brains. Who will win? Find out for yourself:

So, congrats, Ian! I hope you enjoy your swag. And yes, I was very pleased with myself for deducing the answer to the second question, getting it right for the right reason. SCIENCE!