Doctor Who and Brian Cox.
Doctors… Who?
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Nov. 10 2013 8:00 AM

Doctors… Who?

The Two Doctors.

Photo by BBC2, from the video.

Well well well. With the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who” quickly arriving — depending on how time flows for you, of course — BBC is making quite the spectacle of it. They’re doing all kinds of special events, including one that I had heard rumblings about, but have now confirmed: “The Science of Doctor Who”, hosted by my old friend Brian Cox, will air on BBC2 on Thursday, Nov. 14!

Here’s a sneak peak:


I certainly hope this will air on BBC America, too, so those of us across the Atlantic get a chance to see it too.

And I was waffling about it, but I think I will indeed go see the 50th anniversary show, “Day of the Doctor”, at the theater. In 3D! Well, really 4D, but I’m not sure they count time as a dimension in this case. Anyway, follow me on Twitter for updates about that.

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