Boulder Science Festival: Win Two Free Tickets.

Surly Amy Is Giving Away Two Free Tickets to the Boulder Science Festival

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Sept. 12 2013 11:00 AM

Want to Score Some Free Tickets to the Boulder Science Festival?

Surlyramic necklace
Good advice.

Photo by Surly Amy

Speaking of stuff I’m doing, my friend Amy Davis Roth is a skeptic, outspoken feminist, jewelry maker, and all-around cool person. She wrote a really wonderful essay at about skepticism, how we met, and why we’re friends. You should read it.

Also, she’s coming to the Boulder Science Festival, and is giving away a free ticket (and maybe two)! If you want to win one, all you have to do is leave a comment on her post and say “ADD MY NAME TO THE HAT”, or send her a tweet (her username is @surlyamy). It’s that easy. She’ll announce the winners shortly.


Also, check out her SurlyRamics site; she has great sciencey hand-made jewelry that’s really cool (like the pendant pictured here). If you buy stuff from her Etsy store it will also help her buy those giveaway tickets. Tell her I sent you!

[P.S. If your name is Lisa W. and you registered for the Festival, please contact us at! There was a problem with your registration that we need to straighten out. Thanks.]

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