All the Nomz: A geeky cookbook for charity.

Yes, You Want This Geeky Cookbook. And It’s for Charity.

Yes, You Want This Geeky Cookbook. And It’s for Charity.

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July 9 2013 11:00 AM

All the Nomz: A Geeky Cookbook for Charity

All The Nomz
You'll eated it.

Art by All the Nomz

I’m a geek. I bet you are, too.

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Assuming also that you’re human, you probably need to eat, and you may even appreciate good food.


Still with me? Good. Then I’ll make this simple: Buy All the Nomz, a cookbook edited by geeks, with recipes submitted by an array of assorted other geeks, including me. It’s only a suggested cost of $5. Five bucks!

I’ll get to the details in a sec, but if you click that link, you’ll note it says you’re donating to a charity called Child’s Play. That’s because the creators of All the Nomz are donating all the proceeds from this book to that charity, which is awesome: They give books, toys, and video games to sick kids in hospitals. This is one of the most wonderful charities on Earth; they make these children feel better, and they help them turn to the nerd side. Every kid should have the chance to do that.

If the charity sounds familiar, it may be because I participate in the annual Desert Bus for Hope dork-a-thon. My friend Liz Smith asked me to join in, and I’ve found it’s generally the intelligent choice to do what she says. She has some skin in the game, too, which she wrote about in this very personal and moving piece.

All the Nomz illustration
How can you not want to buy a book that has a cartoon of an avacado eating guacamole?

Artwork by Adam Levermore, from the book.

Now, about the book: It features a lot of pretty hardcore geeks, including Paul and Storm (one recipe each), the Doubleclicks, Molly Lewis, Tara Platt, Yuri Lowenthal, Joseph Scrimshaw, Bonnie Burton, and more. That includes me: I submitted my favorite dessert recipe. It’s for raspberry bars, which are super easy to make and are so good your head will atomize and explode outward at the speed of light when you eat them.

That’s it. So I’m not kidding: Buy the book, make the yummy food, and be a part of something that is really terrific.