Doctor Who fan trailer to tide you over
Doctor Who fan trailer to tide you over
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Oct. 11 2011 1:14 PM

Doctor Who fan trailer to tide you over

If the recent season finale of Doctor Who made you despair of waiting a year for the next season to start (with only two holiday episodes between now and then to alleviate the pain), then try watching this fan-made trailer for the show. It's quite well-done (and there are no spoilers for the last episode).

Phil Plait Phil Plait

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Sigh. Yeah, now the wait will be even worse. And I should know: I'm a doctor.

Oh-- there are two other fun DW vids, if you're so inclined: this one, a Series 6 synopsis that is spoiler-ish, and this one, which is a quite spoilery funny mashup of the good Doctor with Tik Tok from Lady Gaga Ke$ha. Yes, seriously.

Tip o' the sonic to Nerdist and Blastr.