Time lapse: Journey through canyons

Time lapse: Journey through canyons

Time lapse: Journey through canyons

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July 23 2011 7:14 AM

Time lapse: Journey through canyons

I love astronomy (duh), I love geology, and I love meteorology, so if you combine all three in a high-definition time lapse video, well, I'll love it:

Phil Plait Phil Plait

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Very pretty! It's by someone who goes by the name Metron, who also has a pretty cool video of lava flowing from Kilauea.

I like watching the stars move in sweeping arcs in these videos. So that's why at about three minutes in, when the video shows a wall off hoodoos* with the stars over it, I was baffled for about two seconds when I noticed one wasn't moving. I wondered if it was a piece of dust on my screen... then I smiled sheepishly when I figured out just which star it was.

Just goes to show you, sometimes you have to focus on the big picture.

Tip o' the lens cap to Tim Deem.

* I bet most of my readers didn't know those wind-eroded towers that look like minarets are called that! The more you know.

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