Talk at Ohio State University April 28
Talk at Ohio State University April 28
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April 27 2011 12:11 PM

Talk at Ohio State University April 28

On Thursday, April 28th at 8:30 p.m. I'll be at Ohio State University to give my "Death from the Skies!" talk, because I love scaring undergrads but never had the desire to actually become a professor.

The talk is sponsored by the OSU Students for Freethought and was organized by my old pal Ashley Paramore (yes, that Ashley Paramore). They've set up a Facebook page for the event with more info, and a page where you can get front row tickets (the talk is free, but they have a handful of reserved seats up front they're selling) and also get tickets for a fund-raising dinner for the group.


This will be a lot of fun! Of course, as a University of Michigan graduate, I suppose showing my face at Ohio State University is pretty bold, but then I only cared about U of M football because it meant traffic was light in Ann Arbor and I could get to the farmer's market more easily on Saturdays. Hopefully that'll keep the OSU pitchforks and torches at bay.

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