The AVN falsehoods keep on a-comin'
The AVN falsehoods keep on a-comin'
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Aug. 4 2010 7:16 AM

The AVN falsehoods keep on a-comin'

stop_the_avn_logoMeryl Dorey, head of the flailing Australian Vaccination Network -- an organization dedicated to twisting the truth about vaccines and saying anything at all to scare people into an antivax stance -- has once again put fingers to keyboard, and as usual the truth eludes her.

She wrote a lengthy essay about her dealings with Toni and David McCaffery, who lost their four week old infant Dana to pertussis two years ago.

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I hardly need to point out that her interpretation of reality doesn't come within a glancing blow of it; you can read what Dorey wrote, and then compare it to Toni McCaffery's response detailing what really happened, and why Dorey is so wrong. I also received a note from David McCaffery about a terrific site that helps educate people about vaccines: Chain of Protection. They have really good videos describing benefits of vaccinations. Here's the one about herd immunity which shows just why it's important:

Check out the site. It's what Meryl Dorey wouldn't want you to do.

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