Australia's ABC promotes health threats

Australia's ABC promotes health threats

Australia's ABC promotes health threats

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Sept. 19 2009 5:04 PM

Australia's ABC promotes health threats

[Update: Looks like The Age got it right though; quoting a scientist who calls the AVN a "vocal fringe group". Nice!]

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation just posted a dangerous and ridiculous article playing up dangers from an H1N1 vaccine, saying "it could be more dangerous than swine flu" itself.

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The ABC article is simply atrocious, and outrageously bad journalism. They quote notorious antivaxxer Meryl Dorey -- yeah, her -- without barely a nod to reality (just mentioning at the very end that Dorey and her antivax network have been accused of "spreading misinformation", when in fact the truth is far richer than that simple statement). Where is an interview with a real doctor? Where are the actual numbers? Where is the link to research by real scientists showing how dangerous H1N1 is and how we know the vaccine is OK to use?

Nowhere. Shame on the ABC for posting dangerous and misleading stories like this, especially when Australian babies are dying from preventable diseases while antivaxxers go scare-mongering.

Shame on them.

Thanks to Stephanie McNeill for sending me the article.