The Return of LucasPhilms
The Return of LucasPhilms
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May 14 2009 8:07 AM

The Return of LucasPhilms

No, not George Lucas. The Lucas who really can direct: Tom Lucas!

Regular readers may remember I made with Tom a series of short astronomy videos that were put up on YouTube and Hulu. I just found out they're up at as well! These are short, professionally-produced videos featuring me talking about cool astronomy stuff like Hubble (how appropriate!), Saturn, and whatever else I felt like talking about.


My personal favorites are the ones about Hubble and Mercury. They were done last, and instead of me memorizing lines, we just had a list of bullet points, and I hit them while extemporizing in front of the camera. I'm a lot more relaxed if I'm not fretting over getting my lines exactly right.

Go ahead and take a look, and if you like 'em, tell a friend!

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