The Mysteries of the Cosmos
The Mysteries of the Cosmos
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May 7 2009 9:32 AM

The Mysteries of the Cosmos

In January, I had the distinct pleasure in hosting a panel in Pasadena called The Mysteries of the Cosmos. It featured four brilliant astronomers discussing their quest to understand the Universe. It was hosted by several groups, including Discover Magazine. The whole thing was filmed, and DM now has the videos online. Here's Part 1.


The others are on that link above. I had a fantastic time, and I hope you enjoy watching these videos. Honestly, being on stage with Debra, Andrea, Saul, and Mike was such an honor, and listening to them talk about these astronomical topics has made me feel a whole lot better after what's been a really rough week on this blog. Sometimes, it's good to remember that there are questions -- and answers -- much bigger than ourselves.

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