Epoch win!

Epoch win!

Epoch win!

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Feb. 13 2009 12:00 PM

Epoch win!

Note: My apologies; this got briefly posted on the 12th by accident. I took it down and reposted it on the 13th, the correct day. Sorry!

Phil Plait Phil Plait

Phil Plait writes Slate’s Bad Astronomy blog and is an astronomer, public speaker, science evangelizer, and author of Death From the Skies!  

Do you know Unix? If you do, then today at 18:31:30 (Eastern US) is an interesting time. If you have a Mac or Unix machine, type this into your terminal prompt:


perl -e 'print scalar localtime(1234567890),"\n";'


I know, dorky. But then, whenever I see a digital clock reading "10:54", I always say "Crab Nebula time!".

If you thought you could outdork me, give up now.