Your UFOs. Giff dem to me.

Your UFOs. Giff dem to me.

Your UFOs. Giff dem to me.

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Dec. 24 2008 8:30 AM

Your UFOs. Giff dem to me.

[Update: the io9 article I quote now is updated saying this was not part of the TV show TSCC. Check the comments below the article to keep up with the latest on this.]

Do you remember back in May 2007 when there was a spate of weird UFO sightings in California? Pictures surfaced of a spiky drone-like thing hovering in the sky. Here's a shot to tickle your memory:

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UFO drone over California

The pictures made me laugh. I have always said the best UFO shots were always fuzzy, but here was one in very crisp super-hi-res detail. I laughed because this was so obviously a hoax. It's a good one, sure, but the thing is, it looked to me like what a Hollywood special effects guy would build to look like an alien craft, as opposed to what one would actually look like. I mean, right down to the Klingon-esque script on it. Totally cool, and well done, but it really rang my hoax-alarm. I never really talked about it on the blog because I figured, correctly, it would blow over.

Well, it did, but now it's back... but not in the way you'd think. It looks very much like this whole thing was a viral marketing scheme for "The Sarah Conner Chronicles", the TV series about Terminators. The long time between the "sightings" and the show would be due to the writers' strike. And of course, the whole TV look to the drones would then make a lot more sense, too.

This hasn't been verified yet, but it looks pretty clear. You can read more at Screen Rant.

Photo from, which may or may not have been part of the hoax/scheme the whole time.