Hamlet's skullduggery

Hamlet's skullduggery

Hamlet's skullduggery

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Nov. 26 2008 11:00 AM

Hamlet's skullduggery

Well, I'm not sure what to make of this. A man donated his body to science, with the proviso that his skull be used in the Royal Shakespeare Company in a performance.

For years, no actor could stomach using the guy's cranium... until one man stepped forward.

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Yeah, Who. David Tennant, that Who. When he was alassing poor Yorick in his recent performance as Hamlet, the man of infinite jest was actually Polish pianist André Tchaíkowsky.

David Tennant as Hamlet

So props to Tennant for going through with it. Wait, it wasn't a prop, it was real. Sorry about that, jokes like that are an occipitational hazard. It's only temporal, since if I do it too much I'll be a parietal on my own blog! I'm a fontanelle of such things, but such a frontal assault on my readers would only stem their reading habits.

So if you don't like it, suture self.

I can't do a hat tip, since, as Ophelia said, Hamlet had "no hat upon his head." So instead I'll just say thanks to Rebecca, and note that when she sent me the link, she said that she's considering donating her body to Tennant as well.