Get some Death, help some JREF

Get some Death, help some JREF

Get some Death, help some JREF

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Oct. 20 2008 2:05 PM

Get some Death, help some JREF

Update: Well, that's the power of the intertoobs: the JREF is out of copies! I'll get them to order more, but it may take a couple of weeks; I'll make an update when I find out.

Update 2: The JREF plans on getting more copies. I'll let you know when they come in.

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Just a quick note: I'm getting some incredibly generous requests asking me how people can buy my book in a way to maximize the money I receive for it! That's really very nice, and I appreciate the sentiment. The best thing you can do is simply send a box full hundred dollar bills to--

-- wait, sorry? Oh, that was Mrs. BA yelling at me not to be a jerk. OK then. In reality, if you follow the link in the right-hand sidebar and click it to buy the book, I make a few extra pennies. But tell you what-- the James Randi Educational Foundation bought a case to sell online. If you buy the book through that store, then the JREF makes some extra money, and they need it too.

Death at JREF

Not only that, the books are already signed! I took some JREF stickers and signed them, and mailed them down to the foundation where they were placed on the title pages of the books.

For those who prefer, I found out it's available on Kindle, too.

Tip o' the dust cover to Sean McCabe for taking that picture... and to the owner of the hands in the picture: James Randi his own self!