Hubble mission moved to October 10

Hubble mission moved to October 10

Hubble mission moved to October 10

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Sept. 5 2008 12:38 PM

Hubble mission moved to October 10

Note: a mistake on my part caused this post to go up early. I pulled it and stuck it back in the queue for later. Sorry if you are seeing this twice, or wondering why it disappeared!

NASA has delayed the Shuttle launch to service Hubble Space Telescope to October 10. The target launch time is around 12:30 a.m.

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Atlantis on the pad, ready to service Hubble

I can't hardly blame them: the hurricanes barraging Florida have been... interesting, and more are lined up like passengers in the aisle ready to whack Ted Striker the "panicky woman" character in "Airplane!"

Endeavour's launch has been moved to November 12. That mission will send supplies to the space station and switch out an astronaut who will have been there for five months.

Those are the last two flights of 2008. Remember when the Shuttle was supposed to launch two dozen times a year, and be "routine"? Sigh. Like everyone else, I want my flying car too*. Oh well.

Also, the Jules Verne ATV will undock from the space station later today, and re-enter Earth's atmosphere on the 29th. Read all about it on the ESA page.

Also also, the 69th Carnival of Space is online at Irene Klotz's blog.

*Actually, no I don't. Would you trust your fellow drivers in a car that flies?