ComiCon, Eternal

ComiCon, Eternal

ComiCon, Eternal

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July 25 2008 5:25 PM

ComiCon, Eternal

So this is my extremely awesome friend Jessica Mae Stover.

Phil Plait Phil Plait

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Isn't she a cutie?

She's also a powerful force with which to be reckoned. A while back she contacted me because she's doing this remarkably remarkable thing: she's making a movie! She needed advice on the phase of the Moon for her movie, and we became e-friends. She's at Comic Con, so we met for the first time like one minute before this picture was taken.

She's not backed by Hollywood, or Bollywood, or the BBC. She's backed by us: folks who want to help. She is getting microdonations from lots of people, help from volunteers, and backing for various bits and pieces from some companies. She's the Barack Obama of filmmaking.

The movie itself is called Artemis Eternal, and even though I love her to pieces and she's super awesome, she won't tell me plot details, and of course I am not at all put out by this. So I'm stealing her blurb off her website:

Two friends find their relationship put to the test when they're pitted against one another in a frantic battle of virtue and determination. The pair soon realize that their destinies are not solely in their hands... but that two competing supernatural forces are seeking to control the outcome of their conflict. With time running out, each will struggle to triumph over the other.

That sounds pretty epic to me. If it sounds like that to you, go to her site and show her the BABloggee love. What do I get out of it? Hopefully, more hugs from JSto. I'm all about the love.