How to handle hoaxers

How to handle hoaxers

How to handle hoaxers

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June 24 2008 2:00 PM

How to handle hoaxers

I am, by nature, a nice guy. When I encounter an antiscientist, I prefer not to insult them, or yell at them, or stab them in the eye with my car key. It's just my way.

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Not that I don't imagine doing that, of course, with a slight smile and wistful sigh. I am also human.


Happily, BABloggee Tom Dickson didn't hold back... at least, after his encounter with a Moon Hoaxer he wrote up a satisfying diatribe. It's fun to read!

And it reminds me, I really need to update my Moon Hoax page. I have some statements on it that could be clearer. The one Tom quotes, about there not being a vacuum stage big enough to hoax the landing set, isn't right. There is one that's pretty big, and could house a small set. Not big enough to hoax, say, the rover making little parabolic arcs of dust during Apollo 16, but still. I'll just have to get to it in my copious spare time.

And don't even get me started that there is still a need for a Moon Hoax debunking page. That little fact makes me sad. Sigh... and not the wistful kind. The sad kind.

Eternal vigilance, me droogs. They'll keep making more nonsense, and we'll keep fighting it. That's the real truth in the Universe. But we have a secret weapon: we have the facts on our side. Reality's with us.