McCain and I agree on something!

McCain and I agree on something!

McCain and I agree on something!

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June 8 2008 10:13 PM

McCain and I agree on something!

I know I've been ragging on McCain -- he deserves it, and oh so much more -- but amazingly enough, I found something we agree on: McCain likes ABBA. He even says so on his community blog.

I've mentioned the group once or twice on the blog before. And it's true: I like ABBA. I've been a fan since I was about 12. My older brother had a couple of their albums (yeah, yeah, albums, with vinyl inside and everything) and I used to listen to them. I was pretty unhappy when they broke up in the 80s, and was hopeful when Frieda released a new song, but it didn't catch on (though in fact I liked it).

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A few years ago Mrs. BA and caught "Mamma Mia!" in San Francisco, and loved it. I'd go again if I could. I can sing most ABBA songs by heart, or with a little prompting. I still think Agnetha is hot (or was, I guess). I watched "Muriel's Wedding" and "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert".

So there you go. McCain and me, with common ground. I'll forgo all the obvious puns here, but I can't resist: I'm hoping that come November, after saying Take a Chance on Me, McCain will face his Waterloo because people don't want Bush's policies to go On and On and On. McCain will finally understand that The Winner Takes It All*, forgo sending out an S.O.S, and finally be forced to say So Long.

But hey! When All is Said and Done, that's the Name of the Game.

*The song is actually about losing.