Moffat to take control of the TARDIS

Moffat to take control of the TARDIS

Moffat to take control of the TARDIS

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May 20 2008 9:58 AM

Moffat to take control of the TARDIS


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Steven Moffat -- the incredible mind behind the best episodes of Doctor Who such as "Blink", "The Empty Child", and "The Doctor Dances" -- will be taking over as lead writer and executive producer for Series 5!


This is fantastic news. Moffat is brilliant. Russel T Davies, the current Exec, has done some great things with Doctor Who, and was largely responsible for getting it back on the air. However, I think he's running out of steam -- so far this season only a couple of episodes have really stood out, and the rest have been a bit plodding and silly -- and new blood will help tremendously.

I can't think of anyone better than Moffat to take over (and it's been widely rumored for months that he would). If you've ever watched the UK show "Coupling" you know what I mean. Moffat is extremely clever, and as he gets familiar with a show he takes more risks rather than let things coast. He shows scenes out of order for comedic effect, or teases an idea throughout an episode, or just takes a simple idea and runs it through its complete course, taking no prisoners.

So: yay! The only bad news: Series 5 won't start until 2010, after they take a year off. That's a bummer, but I think it'll be worth the wait.

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