9-1-1, that spells “Moon”

9-1-1, that spells “Moon”

9-1-1, that spells “Moon”

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May 15 2008 3:00 PM

9-1-1, that spells “Moon”

So a guy calls 911 because of someone knocking at his door, then calls a second time because of a suspected drug deal.

Phil Plait Phil Plait

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Then he calls a third time to find out the phase of the Moon.



Here's a tip for all you prospective 9-1-1-dialers out there: go to teh intertoobs, type "google.com" in your address bar, and then "moon phase" into the little windowy thingy they give you. I bet that will not involve you being arrested on misdemeanor charges*.

Via Fark, of course. And I came up with the title of this post before I saw someone make the same joke in the Fark comments, just so's you know.

*I am not a lawayer, so this does not constitute legal advice.