Space Nazis!

Space Nazis!

Space Nazis!

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May 7 2008 4:14 PM

Space Nazis!

How awesome would it be to see a scifi movie about secret Nazi bases on the Moon?

Pretty freakin' awesome, that how awesome. And now we get to see it!

Phil Plait Phil Plait

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Cooooool. "Iron Sky". Love the title.

Now, I have to make some points. I'm me, after all.

1) There is no dark side of the Moon, at least no permanent one.


2) Tires made of rubber and holding air won't work too well. That's why the rovers had mesh tires.

3) The dust billows when the saucers land, but there's no air on the Moon for the dust to billow, um, in. It would fly up and back down on little ballistic parabolic arcs.

4) Nazi flying saucers! Sweet!

Now, I have to add that this looks like it's based on really silly conspiracy theories from the 1970s and 80s; I read a (really bad) novel about it based on those same CTs and it had all the same trappings: Antarctic Nazi base, flying saucers, etc. But "Iron Sky" looks pretty cool. They have a website for the movie, and it has a bulletin board for community input. I may drop in some suggestions for them...

P.S. No one tell Ben Stein about this movie. Nazi scientists! His head would explode.

Tip o' the pith helmet to Timo Poikola for letting me know about this.