Louisiana: Determined to be doomed

Louisiana: Determined to be doomed

Louisiana: Determined to be doomed

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May 3 2008 11:57 AM

Louisiana: Determined to be doomed

From PZ comes word that the creationists in the Louisiana state legislature are still trying to ram teh stoopid through the system to become state educational law.

Barbara Forrest, one of the Heroes of Dover, is fighting this garbage with everything she's got, and one thing she's got is us. If you live in Louisiana, please please please contact your representatives and talk to them about this. Barbara has all the information you need; she's written a summary of the bill as well as a series of talking points for you.

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Mind you, this is for Louisiana residents only for now. She may need all our help eventually, but for now this is a state issue.

Man. Whack-a-creationist is a game that never ends. As Barbara herself says:

The children and teachers of Louisiana are being used as pawns by the Louisiana Family Forum and, most likely, the Discovery Institute, about which I have written so extensively. These people will assuredly not be around to clean up the wreckage they will leave in their wake if we don't stop them. We have to stop them.