NPR, Science Channel, and Expelled??

NPR, Science Channel, and Expelled??

NPR, Science Channel, and Expelled??

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April 17 2008 9:00 AM

NPR, Science Channel, and Expelled??

The Expelled movie producers are, as we know from copious evidence, lying and evil.

Nefarious even. They placed ads for their antiscience propaganda piece on The Science Channel and NPR.

Phil Plait Phil Plait

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Evil does as evil is, so I'm not surprised they would try that. But I am really shocked that TSC and NPR would take their money. This movie is totally 100% against the missions of both The Science Channel and National Public Radio. It is seriously like taking the KKK's money for ads, or from NAMBLA. Why would you do that?

I have not seen the TSC ads, but I was pretty surprised when I was poking around the NPR site and an ad for the movie popped up in a media player (I was looking for a podcast about the LHC, a scientific triumph, making the ad that much more appalling). PZ mentions it as well.

What they heck were they thinking?

I am too busy right now to draft up appropriate letters, but feel free to do so yourselves (after due diligence if you so desire). If I get a chance I'll be taking care of that when I get back from Europe.

Hat tip to BABLoggee Randall Wald.