Expelled: liars
Expelled: liars
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March 18 2008 8:49 AM

Expelled: liars

Note: a version of this blog entry was posted right before I moved to the new server, and was lost in the ether.

I have been getting quite a bit of email about the movie "Expelled", a propaganda piece sponsored by the Disco 'tute and, from all accounts, full of the usual lies about evolution, science, and creationism. The host is Ben Stein, who has been particularly egregious about his promotion of the movie, sidling up to the likes of Ken Ham, for example.


I need not go into any details here, since Jon Voisey at The Angry Astronomer has many, many grim details on how the producers of this movie have been really slimy about it, including lying outrageously to scientists to get interviews with them. As usual, it seems that for most fundamentalists the Ninth Commandment is optional.

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