Star Trek rings in the science with Carolyn Porco

Star Trek rings in the science with Carolyn Porco

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Feb. 11 2008 5:00 PM

Star Trek rings in the science with Carolyn Porco

Update: has an interview with Carolyn online, with comments from some Trek folks like Andre Bormanis and JJ Abrams.

Phil Plait Phil Plait

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How cool is this: Carolyn Porco has been brought in as a science advisor for the new Trek movie! She'll be consulting on the visuals of the solar system in the movie to make sure they're accurate.


There's a good reason they're using her: she's the imaging team leader for the Cassini Saturn probe, so she knows her stuff. Regular readers know she's a great scientist and (gloat gloat) a friend of mine. But of course, I'm not jealous at all.

Trek fanboy that I am, I now have even more reason to see this movie: if they have effects showing the Enterprise going past Saturn, I may pass out from hyperventilation.

Update: Check the comments below for a surprise. :-)

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