The Six Million Visit Man
The Six Million Visit Man
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Jan. 24 2008 9:00 AM

The Six Million Visit Man

At some point yesterday during The Incredible BA Site Slamming, this little blog passed the 6,000,000 visit mark since I installed the counter in May 2005. I've had over 9,000,000 pages viewed as well. Not bad for 976 days!

I passed 3,000,000 last June, so things are speeding up. I expect to have infinite visits by 2012.


As far as what happened on Wednesday, I had two articles (this one and this one) both on the front page of (1400+ Diggs between them!), an unprecedented event in BA history. The server does fine when one page is Dugg, but two is beyond mortal servers. A typical day might see 20-25,000 visitors, but on January 22/23 I had 130,000. So you can see the issue. I will look into doing what I can to tune up the server so it doesn't get so bogged down again. I love being on Digg, but I hate it when people can't to get to the site! I couldn't even get in to post, comment, or update.

What a day! But I love you guys for clicking those Digg buttons.

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