Canada, the smallest planet

Canada, the smallest planet

Canada, the smallest planet

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Jan. 17 2008 6:37 PM

Canada, the smallest planet

I have claimed for a long time that Wikipedia is doomed to fail, because it is simply too easy to vandalize (though of course I am open to arguments). Sure, a bollixed page can be fixed, but for some amount of time entries can be changed, and if it's a lesser-traveled topic it can be wrong for months or more.

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Still, vandalization can be funny.


Take the Wikipedia entry for the MESSENGER spacecraft. Looks fine, right? Yeah, well now look at the version that was up for a while before it got caught. Notice any difference? I have a small piece of that page presented in the image here on the right.

I have no idea why this person did this, but it's pretty funny. I wonder if my Canuckian friends think so too? Fraser? Comments?

Maybe Fraser is the one who did it! Hmmmm.

Still and all, it's fixed now. But what nefarious country will be next? Will the New Horizons probe go to Mexico? Will Cassini orbit Bulgaria*? We may have to get Homeland Security in on this.