So much for Will Smith

So much for Will Smith

So much for Will Smith

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Jan. 15 2008 12:00 PM

So much for Will Smith

Maybe I should have known this already, but Will Smith is a scientologist (link mildly NSFW).

Phil Plait Phil Plait

Phil Plait writes Slate’s Bad Astronomy blog and is an astronomer, public speaker, science evangelizer, and author of Death From the Skies!  

Nuts. I like his acting, and he seems funny and cool. But he's clearly a lunatic. Scientology is such tremendous garbage it makes the Moon Hoax look like brain surgery.


Of course, Tom Cruise is still a complete freaking nutbag:

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Update: Sigh. Scientologists are two things (well, three, if you count pure evil): predictable, and litigious. The video was taken down. Oh well, it just had Tom Cruise rambling on and on about how scientology is wonderful, and can cure and do anything, except save a tanking career and make you not look foolish.

UPDATE II: has the video, and they are promising not to take it down. Go there to have your thetans inflated.