Skeptical panel at TAM 2
Skeptical panel at TAM 2
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Dec. 18 2007 9:37 AM

Skeptical panel at TAM 2

Back in 2004 I attended The Amaz!ng Meeting 2. I've written about these skeptic conferences a zillion times before; they are run by James Randi, who is a leading force in the skepticism movement, and attendees include Penn and Teller, The Mythbusters, Scott Dikkers (head cheese of The Onion), and lots of scientists and magicians and other cool folks.

There is usually a panel of one kind or another, where the speakers take questions from the audience and play off each other. These are a lot of fun, and can be very entertaining.


Randi's group is putting up lots of videos on YouTube, and they just recently added a video of the panel from TAM 2. I watched the whole thing recently. It was fun to see it again! I'm on it, as are Randi (of course), Penn and Teller (you can hear Teller speak!), Eugenie Scott, Bob Parks, and others. Give it a look! Here is Part 1, and you can find the other segments from there. I don't start talking until Part 2, and I swear if I knew Hervey Peoples was going to wear red and white and I was going to sit right next to her, I would have chosen a different shirt.

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