Science and the Presidential candidates

Science and the Presidential candidates

Science and the Presidential candidates

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Dec. 11 2007 5:43 PM

Science and the Presidential candidates

Regular readers know that I will sometimes fume and gnash about politics and science. I've been active about this for some time now, and while I hope that making noise will help, I have longed to do more.

Now I can.

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Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum (from The Intersection) have started up what may be an incredibly effective grassroots campaign to get the Presidential candidates to debate science. A real, actual televised debate on real, actual science.

Right now, the effort is mostly getting signatures, but once a critical mass is reached a more proactive stance will be taken (some things apparently are happening sotto voce as well). So far, they're doing very well: the list of scientists is impressive. They also have a nice list of bloggers supporting them, including one or two Best Science Blog winners you may recognize.

Update: D'oh! Chris just sent me a note reminding me that there is a Facebook group for the Science Debate too. If you're a member of Facebook, sign up!

I think this would be a fantastic opportunity. I suspect a lot of the candidates would do quite well in such a debate, while others... well, remember when three Republican candidates raised their hands and said they thought evolution was wrong? Wouldn't you like to see a debate with some, ah, interesting follow-up to that?

Yeah, me too. Support the cause. Get these candidates to publicly state their stance on science. The country -- the world -- needs this.