Happy Hubble Holidays!

Happy Hubble Holidays!

Happy Hubble Holidays!

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Dec. 10 2007 9:16 AM

Happy Hubble Holidays!

This is a really good idea: using gorgeous Hubble images to make cards for the season. The site has instructions on how to print them, and of course links to the images as well.

Phil Plait Phil Plait

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I have to say, I think my favorite is this one:

The picture is from the Galactic center in Sagittarius, where stars are plentiful. I recognized it immediately (I'm a dork), but the idea of using it for ornaments was pretty clever and very funny.

The most ironic one is this one:

I hate to break it to my friends at Hubble, but Mars is the god of war. Maybe a hawk would have been a better choice for the silhouette.

Or maybe it's all part of the subtle War on Christmas: all the cards say "holiday" and "season", and not Christmas. Maybe they should have a Hubble picture of the Star of Bethlehem?