Americans United

Americans United

Americans United

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Nov. 4 2007 11:06 PM

Americans United

Next week, I am winging my way to Washington, DC, to participate in the annual meeting for the Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

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How cool is this?

Very, very cool. The folks at AUfSoCaS decided to invite a few bloggers who have been vocal about the issue of religion and politics, and for some reason I got in on the action (hi Blue Gal!). I don't have the list of who all will be there, but besides Blue Gal her own self will be DCup and some other guy who apparently also writes a science blog. "PZ" something or another.

In fact, I'll be sharing a hotel room with him (it was my idea, for the record) and as he suggests on his blog, maybe a get-together for DC BABloggees and Pharyngulistas might be in order. There must be some good places to get together on the Hill... well, more info on that later as it develops.

Anyway, the AUfSoCaS meeting sounds like it will be fun, interesting, and informative. I suspect it will also be uplifting and motivating. We're even undergoing lobbyist training, and last I heard appointments with Congressmen are being arranged so we can discuss pertinent issues. I need to read up on the stances (har har) of my reps so I have some history and background on them.

I'm very excited about this. Obviously, I've been writing on this issue for quite some time, and while I love being able to have my voice here on the intertubes, I also want to explore how to be even more pro-active on these issues. I was tired of watching our Constitution being flushed away so I started to speak up. Now, after this, I'm hoping that speaking up will just be step one in a longer line of action items.