Speaking of a red moon…

Speaking of a red moon…

Speaking of a red moon…

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Oct. 4 2007 2:03 PM

Speaking of a red moon…

China may get back to the Moon before we do.

Says who? Says Mike Griffin, NASA's top banana.

Phil Plait Phil Plait

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Unfortunately, he's right.

The U.S. is "more technically advanced. We certainly could be back on the moon faster than the Chinese, but we don't have the political will and therefore the resources to do it," said Joan Johnson-Freese, head of the Naval War College's national security decision-making department.

I wonder if they'll use lead-free paint on their rockets?

Anyway, it's not really a race anymore-- the reason we don't have a base on the Moon is that we raced. Once we won, the American will evaporated. "Flags and footprints", the private space people derisively call it.

I hope NASA can actually do this, going back to the Moon, this time to stay. If we race, then we all lose.