I can has stapler?

I can has stapler?

I can has stapler?

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Sept. 23 2007 9:29 PM

I can has stapler?

It's funny how life changes when you quit your job and move a thousand miles away.

I mean, duh, there's the obvious stuff. We have a new home we had to fix up (a lot). The Little Astronomer had to leave her friends and start making all new ones at a new school. Mrs. BA had to find a job -- I lost my health insurance when I quit, and we went for a couple of months without it here; very scary. And, of course, I had to actually, y'know, write my book.

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But it's not the huge things that are weird. You expect those. It's the little things.

Mrs. BA gets up before I do now, and gets ready for work. I get up and make and pack TLA's lunch. I send them off to their respective destinations, go upstairs, and make sure the dog beds are put away so that Canes Minor doesn't chew them up (she destroys things; Shiva would have been a good name for her). Then I head back down, grab my cuppa joe, and walk into the office.

I was talking with my mom the other day, and realized that every time I quit a job and moved on, the commute got shorter. I'd have to sleep professionally to make the commute shorter now.

Anyway, all of that takes getting used to. Making my own schedule is pretty tough, too, since I'm not exactly a self-motivated kinda guy. All I really want to is lounge around in my underwear, drink root beer and watch TV. But I manage, and get things written. The book is tooling along well now, actually.


But still, all this big stuff is just par for the course. After all, I quit my old job. Things will be different.

But today I was going through some stuff, and printed out some papers. I needed to staple them, so I open the desk drawer. Hmm, no stapler there. How about the cabinet? Nope. Shelves? Other shelves? Kitchen? Nope, nope, nope.

I needed a stapler. I didn't have one.

How can I not have a stapler? How can anyone not have a stapler?


And then I remembered: you idiot, you have to go out and buy one.

I don't have a job to give me supplies anymore!

Wow. Nothing brings home the fact that you made a major change in your life like realizing you need to go out and buy a stapler.

Mrs. BA bought me one today. I guess I can get on with my life now.