Creation museum begats controversy

Creation museum begats controversy

Creation museum begats controversy

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June 8 2007 12:39 PM

Creation museum begats controversy

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Sometimes, I have to laugh at the restrictions fundamentalist religions place on human behavior. I like to think of it this way: the tighter they fasten the chastity belt, the more likely stuff will pop out they don't wanna see.

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Today's example is Ken Ham's atrocious "creation museum", which is more akin to a funhouse full of warped mirrors that distort reality than an actual place to learn stuff. The situation: in a film shown in the museum depicting the Biblical account of creation, it turns out the actor playing Adam has, well, bitten off more than just a chunk of apple. He used to run a "sexually suggestive" website. Ham has taken down the video pending an investigation.

Shocking! You'd think the far-right theocrats would feel a bit haggard at this point, but the hits keep on coming.

Of course, this is all pretty funny to me, since I am not above the ocassional episode of schadenfreude, especially when it comes to people like Ham, who bears false witness for a living.

And as the actor who played Adam is quoted saying:

But just because I'm Adam on the screen, that doesn't mean I'm Adam off the screen... I'm hired to get a point across. On the flip side, if I was hired to play a murderer, that doesn't mean I'd go out and kill somebody. It's make-believe.

Make believe. Yes, that fits the description of the "museum" quite well, I think!