I’m a rocket man. Well, no I’m not, but maybe now I wanna be

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Feb. 28 2007 11:33 AM

I’m a rocket man. Well, no I’m not, but maybe now I wanna be

I am terrified at the thought of riding in a rocket, but after seeing this video I'm considering getting a ticket.

This rocks, it totally rocks. It's very realistic (though it doesn't show passengers puking or panicking), and advertising like this might make a lot of people change their minds about commercial spaceflight.


Note to Richard Branson: put a cabin in the back of SS2 that is big enough for two people (say, three meters across) with lots of windows, and make sure there are plenty of brackets, bungee cords, and cushioning on all six walls (a clock counting down to the return to weight might prove useful as well, but play that as it goes). Charge three times the standard fare. You'll make a lot more money, guaranteed.

Tip o' the space helmet to Space Pragmatism.

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