Comet McNaught VideoBlog
Comet McNaught VideoBlog
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Jan. 12 2007 11:03 PM

Comet McNaught VideoBlog

Update (Jan. 13, 2007): Evidently, the comet is visible in broad daylight. If you go out during the day and block the Sun behind a building or some other large object, the comet can be easily seen! That didn't occur to me, and I'm kicking myself. I may try this tomorrow if it's clear here. Anyway, in the video I say the comet is gone after last night, and that is clearly incorrect. Sorry about any confusion.

I went out to look for Comet McNaught again tonight. It wasn't nearly as bright as yesterday, I think because it was lower and the horizon was a bit murkier tonight. In a flash of insight on my way home to observe it, I realized I should try to get it with the webcam. I wasn't able to see it using just the 'cam, but when I held it up to my binocs I was just able to capture it.

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Since I had the video, I decided to make a short video blog about it. Enjoy.

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