Physics of violence

Physics of violence

Physics of violence

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Nov. 22 2006 1:18 PM

Physics of violence

This is why YouTube was invented.

Phil Plait Phil Plait

Phil Plait writes Slate’s Bad Astronomy blog and is an astronomer, public speaker, science evangelizer, and author of Death From the Skies!  


It's a series of short animations showing people-like figurines being mauled by what look like experiments set up in some sort of do-it-yourself physics software. Evidently it was originally posted on the Something Awful forum. I'll have to sign up for that someday.

I laughed out loud a lot. Warning: some bad language (written)... and there are ninjas.

Oh-- Best. Music. Ever. If anyone knows what it is, let me know! You guys really came through last time I asked. It's like Run Lola Run meets The Matrix.

Tip o' the second class lever to Seed's (awesome) Daily Zeitgeist.

P.S. The new Tangled Bank science carnival and the new Skeptics Circle are up!